hope you’re still like them.

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Polycoria - a medical condition of having multiple pupils in one eye.

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Hip-Hop Artist Akala on -

Being A Man 2014 | Being a Black Man

A panel including hip-hop artist Akala, CEO of Working With Men Shane Ryan, writer and broadcaster Ekow Eshun and filmmaker, theatre director and writer Topher Campbell look at the contradictory and complex ideas around Black masculinity and what tensions arise from stereotypes, colonial histories and economic power.

Peep the intellectual Black man listening pose in the last gif tho lmaoo

Not only is the speaker very astute, he’s really hot too

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"   I don’t suppose you have many friends. Neither do I. I don’t trust people who say they have a lot of friends. It’s a sure sign that they don’t really know anyone.   "
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Hey followers!

Sorry I’ve been slacking a bit on posting. But I’ve been busy with school starting back up and I am taking 19 hrs again.

However, Denton has been bringing me good things since I moved here. I met some awesome new people, my class schedule rocks, and I met and am now dating the cutest boy on this planet! He’s seriously gorgeous♡

But I promise to still post even just a little bit everyday hopefully!


Smokey Quartz - Photos by Lunar-Bunnie 

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